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Pixbim Color Surprise AI

World’s most advanced Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) application to colorize photos. Colorize old family black and white pictures using deep learning technology. Automatically convert black and white photos to color using the power of AI. Join thousands of users who are using Pixbim softwares.


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See what Pixbim Color Surprise AI can do in a 6 seconds short video with before and after images


Below Colorized Photos are obtained using Pixbim Color Surprise AI


Kids, teachers, and parents at a Space Age theme in an elementary school in Fairfax, Va. in 1960s

colorize black and white photo

colorize pictures


Early 1950s Portland, OR

colorize black and white photo

colorize pictures


Pixbim Object Remover AI

Pixbim Object Remover AI restores old photos, removes objects, text or other things in the photo by fixing them with realistic results. It fixes scratches, tears and spots on an old photos automatically in one click using its powerful feature "Auto Fix Scratches", It can fix noise and the colors of the photo in one click using another powerful feature "Auto Fix Image Colors and Remove Noise". It uses deep learning AI method to fill the pixels in an intelligent way.


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Restore old photos using Pixbim Object Remover AI


To remove scratches, tears or spots on an old photo click the "Auto Fix Scratches" button as it automatically fixes defects on old photos using Artificial Intelligence.

restore old photos


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Pixbim Enlarge AI

Pixbim Enlarge AI is an advanced tool to upscale images, not only in size but also increases the resolution of images.
Pixbim Enlarge AI is a photo enlarger software based on artificial intelligence to enlarge pictures.
Convert low resolution photos into a high resolution using the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence).


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Comparison between Photoshop CC and AI Enlarge

comparison between high quality photoshop and high quality AI Enlarge photos

Comparison between Original image and High resolution image in AI Enlarge

low quality to high quality photo free software


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Pixbim Unblur Shake AI

Pixbim Unblur Shake AI is an AI-based tool that allows us to unblur (deblur) an image. The photos captured using phone, DSLR, or mirrorless camera can end up being blurry for a number of reasons. However, with the help of Pixbim Unblur shake AI you can fix blurry photos, fix photos affected by camera shake which can be unblurred or deblurred using advanced AI technology.


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Photo on the left is blurred photo, On the right is a blur fixed photo using Pixbim Unblur Shake AI

unblur an image

fix blurry pictures


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User reviews

colorize black and white photos user reviews


Colorized black and white photo using Pixbim Color Surprise AI

colorize black and white photo

colorize pictures

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