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Colorization of Film using Pixbim Video Colorize AI

Pixbim Video Colorize AI uses Artificial Intelligence to colorize black & white videos automatically. Colorize a video using Pixbim Video Colorize AI without any editing skills, You just need to load a video that you want to colorize and click the start button for colorizing the video. All the processing happens on your laptop or system so there are no privacy problems.


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Key features of Pixbim Video Colorize AI are -

  • Can colorize any number of black and white videos
  • Free trial
  • Easy to use
  • One time purchase, no subscription
  • Runs completely on your laptop/system so no privacy problems


Below is a video on how to colorize black and white videos using "Pixbim Video Colorize AI" software


Los Angeles 1962s in color using Pixbim Video Colorize AI


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Manually colorizing a video is time-consuming and costly, AI colorization has been evolved and developed over the years with significant improvement in the results. Based on deep learning it makes the process easier, you don't need to do the colorization process frame by frame instead the AI goes to work on it by itself and it can easily colorize the video automatically within a short period.


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The colorization process is a long & complex process when you do it manually, colorizing black and white videos is a difficult and time-consuming process and it involves many steps, For a black and white video to get colorized we need to analyze every frame/shots to find some references to recreate the backgrounds, personalities, cars, buildings and so on in color. The colorization of black and white video is like bringing back history to life.


The arrival of a train at La Ciotat (The Lumiere Brothers, 1896), Film Colorized using Pixbim Video Colorize AI

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The current version is 1.7.2, if you face any download problems then please go to "QUICK HELP" in menu bar at the top of this page

System requirements

Updates in version 1.7.2 -

  • GPU version released - Video Colorize AI now supports Nvidia GPUs
  • New feature added - Pause and Restart
  • Red tones slider included to reduce red tones
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements

Updates in version 1.6.0 -

  • Audio out of sync issue has been fixed
  • Supports more video formats
  • Bug fixes

Updates in version 1.5.0 -

  • Speed has been improved by 2x
  • Drag and drop option added
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements


Colorizing a black and video to color consumes a lot of time and efforts but using this AI-based tool you can get good results within a short period of time since Pixbim Video Colorize AI can easily colorize videos without any hassle. All you need is to just load the video and start the process by clicking the "start" button and that's all, within a few minutes you would have your video transformed into color.


Los Angeles in 1960s in color, Video colorized using Pixbim Video Colorize AI

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Buy Video Colorize AI $59.99 $79.99


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