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How to Remove Scratches, Tears and Spots on an Old Photo

Generally, an old photo contains scratches, tears, and spots on it. It can be distracting to see it on digital screens, computers, mobile phones, and so on to overcome these problems Pixbim has come with a new Artificial Intelligence tool "Pixbim Object Remover AI" that can easily remove scratches, tears, and spots on the photo automatically in just one click.

remove objects in photos

To remove scratches, tears or spots on an Old photo click the "Auto Fix Scratches" button as it automatically fixes defects on old photo using Artificial Intelligence.

How to Remove Watermark from a Photo

A photo can be distracting if it has an unnecessary object, watermarks, date stamps, and other elements like telephone wires, water drop, the shadow of a window, and even other reflections so on to overcome these PIXBIM has come with a new Artificial Intelligence tool "PIXBIM OBJECT REMOVER AI" that can easily remove objects, text, date-time stamp, shadow, person, telephone cables and so on the photo by erasing them with realistic results.

How to pre-process black and white photo in image editing softwares so that Pixbim Color Surprise AI gives best colored photo.

You can use Irfan view (free one) or other image editor to get a better black and white photo.

Using Irfan View as Image Editor (Irfan View is free software but lacks complex features)

Two approaches are mentioned below ( Choose only one as I prefer the Gamma Correction approach)

1. Increasing Gamma ( I would prefer this one) Increase Gamma to 1.5 (preferred) or 2.0 (on some dark images 2.0 gives a better colored results).

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