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Acapella Extractor - Best Stem Separation Software

Best stem separation software that works on your laptop or desktop powered by AI. Pixbim Acapella Maker AI, the best acapella maker that leverages advanced artificial intelligence to revolutionize acapella extraction. Make Acapella from a song in an easy way using Pixbim Acapella Maker AI.


  • Make acapella from a song or acapella extractor, extract different musical instruments from the song

  • Voice isolator or remove vocals from audio

  • Extracts vocals and different musical instruments tracks from the audio automatically using AI


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How to do acapella extraction, isolate vocal and other musical stems from a song using Pixbim Acapella Maker AI software



How do you make a song acapella?

Load the song in Pixbim Acapella Maker AI and initiate the stem separation process. This application will directly save the acapella and different musical instrument tracks to your local system.


What is the best acapella maker app?

Pixbim Acapella Maker AI can successfully isolate 6 distinct musical stems, including vocals, bass, drums, piano, guitar, and others.


How is acapella made?

Acapella is made through apps like Pixbim Acapella Maker AI, which uses advanced AI algorithms to isolate vocals and other music stems from the original track, providing users with a clear, isolated vocal or karaoke experience. This Acapella generator simplifies the process of making acapella quick and accessible.


How do DJs get acapella?

DJs often get acapella using apps like Pixbim Acapella Maker AI, to extract vocals from songs, providing a standalone vocal track that can be used for remixing and creative purposes. These Acapella AI apps streamline the process, allowing DJs to easily access acapella tracks for their mixes.




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Screenshot of Pixbim Acapella Maker AI software with the results

stem separation software


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6 Stem Separator: Stem Separation Software

  1. - Isolated vocals and Instrumentals (Bass, Drums, Guitar, Piano, Bass and Other)

Having access to isolated stems opens up a whole new world of mixing, mashing, and creative audio production possibilities. You can fine tune vocal levels, remove, or enhance drums, create instrumentals - whatever your project demands.


Key features of Pixbim Acapella Maker AI -

  • Separates or extracts voice and other instruments into separate stems on unlimited number of audios
  • No time limit, audio can be of of any duration
  • Free trial available
  • Hassle-free, easy to use
  • One time purchase, no subscription
  • Your audio data is completely processed on your laptop or PC, with the privacy you deserve
  • An easy-to-use user interface that can run on your laptops or desktop systems


Buy Acapella Maker AI $9 $24.99


Customer reviews on Acapella Maker AI

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How to use Acapella Maker or Stem separation software?

Steps on Acapella extraction using Pixbim Acapella Maker AI with screenshots below -

  1. Load the input audio as shown in the screenshot below
  2. Click the “Start processing audio and save” button
  3. See the outputs and play the separated stems


STEP 1 - Load the input audio

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STEP 2 - Click ‘Start processing audio and Save’ button as shown below to begin the stem separation process

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STEP 3 - See the separated stems (vocals and different instruments) as shown below, play the saved audios

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Key Benefits of Pixbim Acapella Maker AI

Studio-Quality Acapella’s in a Snap!

Saves Time

AI-powered one-click acapella extraction is exponentially faster than tedious manual editing. Pixbim Acapella Maker AI automated stem separator revolutionizes your workflow.


Save Money

Lifetime license with no subscription fees. Significant cost savings compared to other acapella production.


Enhanced Privacy

It is a 100% offline stem separator protects your audio data. No cloud storage or uploading is required. Your projects and audio stay safe on your own device.


Better Quality

It delivers precise results and best stem separation quality unmatched by any other methods or manual editing. Precise vocal isolation and other musical stems with minimal artifacts.


Output Choices: 

Pixbim Acapella Maker AI offers various output options. Users can separate 6 stems (vocals, piano, guitar, bass, drums and other), 4 stems (vocals, bass, drums and other), and 2 stems (vocals and instruments) as well.


Creative Flexibility

Accessing isolated vocal and instrumental stems allows for far greater mixing, sampling and remixing potential compared to vocal only acapellas.


Best Acapella Extractor - Effortless One-Click!

Experience seamless, one-click acapella creation with Pixbim Acapella Maker AI. Quickly isolate vocal stems from your songs, saving your valuable time compared to manual editing.

Latest AI Technology

Our advanced deep learning algorithms, fine-tuned through extensive audio training, intelligently dissect songs into their distinct musical elements, achieving precision impossible to replicate with manual methods.


User-Friendly Interface

Load your audio file, and start the 'Extraction process' to get isolated vocal and instrument tracks.

Multi Stem Isolator

This comprehensive stem separation software empowers users with greater creative control. It offers advanced vocal isolation and instruments, which separates 6 musical stems, including vocals, bass, guitar, piano, drums, and others.



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The current version is 1.0.0, If you see form submission issues then click "QUICK HELP" in the menu bar at the top of this page
and select 'Download Pixbim Acapella Maker AI', you can access direct download links


Below is a screenshot of Pixbim Acapella Maker AI

best acapella extractor


If you produce music, remix tracks, or utilize vocal samples, Pixbim Acapella Maker AI is an indispensable tool to isolate vocals and instruments of the song. Stop wasting hours on imprecise, manual editing. Let Acapella AI (artificial intelligence) do the heavy lifting and achieve pristine results with one click.


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Buy Acapella Maker AI $9 $24.99


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


How does acapella maker work?

Pixbim Acapella Maker AI is powered by artificial intelligence algorithms that can effectively isolate vocals and other musical stems that include instruments like drums, guitar, piano, and more, providing a refined output. AI algorithms are trained to separate stems in the songs.


What does 'One-Time Pay, Lifetime Usage' mean?

With Pixbim Acapella Maker AI, users can make a single payment, granting them lifetime access to the software without any recurring subscriptions. No Monthly Subscriptions and No Yearly Subscriptions. You can separate unlimited number of audios with any duration.


How can I purchase Pixbim Acapella Maker AI?

You can purchase Pixbim Acapella Maker AI from our website.


Does Pixbim Acapella Maker AI require an internet connection?

No, Pixbim Acapella Maker AI operates as an offline vocal acapella software and does not rely on internet connectivity. It works as a standalone software and processing happens on your laptop or desktop computer, ensuring your projects remain on your PC or laptop protecting your privacy.


Is Pixbim Acapella Maker AI 100% secure?

Yes, Pixbim Acapella Maker AI is completely secure. It processes and runs exclusively on your local system, saving all the output directly to your PC or laptop.


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