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Download or Update Pixbim Animate Photos AI

Download Pixbim Animate Photos AI version 2.1.4. Current version is 2.1.4.

The below download links have the same installer so choose only one


For Windows

Here is your download link - Download Pixbim Animate Photos AI v2.1.4 - Preferred one as it downloads faster

Here is another download link in case the above link is downloading slower Download Pixbim Animate Photos AI v2.1.4

Another download link if needed Download Pixbim Animate Photos AI v2.1.4

When you click on one of the above links, the installer starts downloading. If you see that the download speed is slow or it is taking too long to download then try the other links which are mentioned above.


For Apple Mac or iMac

Yet to be released for macOS


What's New in Animate Photos AI 2.1.4?

New features in version 2.1.4 - 

  • Option to save enhanced photos
  • Bug Fixes

New features in version 2.1.3 - 

  • New animations included such as dancing, winking, eyebrow movements, eyeball movements, nodding, and more
  • A slider that allows users to change the focus area for animation
  • Image resolution increased
  • Batch mode added for bulk processing at once


Help Links - System requirements



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