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World class video watermark remover and logo remover that works on your desktop or laptop, powered by AI.


  • Remove watermark from video without blur

  • Remove logo or tiktok watermark from video

  • Remove watermark automatically using AI


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Before (with watermark) and after (watermark removed) using Pixbim Video Watermark Remover AI software


Try it: Download input video with watermark used in the above video


On the left is a frame with watermark, on the right is the same frame without watermark using Pixbim Video Watermark Remover AI

remove watermark from video


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Is it possible to remove watermark from video without blur?

Yes, it is possible to remove watermark from video using Pixbim Video Watermark AI without blur.
You will not notice the watermark in the output video.


How is Pixbim Video Watermark Remover different?

Our video watermark remover works on any background. The program does not blur the watermark instead removes it completely. We have a free trial version of our software so try it out and see the results for yourself.




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Before and after screenshot in Pixbim Video Watermark Remover AI

video watermark remover


remove watermark from video, video watermark remover, remove tiktok watermark Pixbim Video Watermark Remover AI

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Removing watermarks from videos can be quite tricky. However, our video watermark remover app can easily remove the watermark or text from your videos within a jiffy. You can get rid of objects that ruin your videos visual quality like logos, tiktok watermark, text, watermarks, contact information, timestamp and more. You can specify the region or object you want to remove using the software's manual brush.


Key features of Pixbim Video Watermark Remover AI -

  • Can remove watermark on unlimited number of videos without blur
  • Free trial available
  • Hassle-free, easy to use
  • One time purchase, no subscription
  • Your video data is completely processed on your PC, with the privacy you deserve
  • An easy-to-use user interface that can run on laptops or desktop systems


Buy Video Watermark Remover AI $25.99 $69


How to remove watermark from video?

Steps to remove watermark from video using Pixbim Video Watermark Remover AI

  1. Load the video
  2. Brush on the watermark to be removed
  3. Click “Start remove process and save the video” button to save the video


STEP 1 - Load the input video

remove tiktok watermark


STEP 2 - Brush on the watermark to be removed as shown in the below image

remove watermark from video without blur


STEP 3 - Click 'Save the video' button as shown below

remove logo from video


Try Video Watermark Remover AI for Free


You don't have to be an expert to use these programs. Pixbim Video Watermark Remover is equipped with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, with features that can professionally and automatically remove undesired watermark, text, tiktok watermark, logos with one click at affordable prices.


Which is the Best Watermark Remover For Video?

The AI algorithm removes the watermark, eliminates it, and the underlying spaces are filled with visual data to enable the seamless removal of static watermarks. Below mentioned are some of the exciting features of this remarkable software:


Easy to Use

Our video watermark remover can assist in effectively removing watermarks from videos. You don't need any prior skills or professional expertise to use the tools. It generates high quality results within a few clicks, making it a valuable tool for both amateurs and professionals alike.

Removes any kind of Watermark, Logo or TikTok watermark

Whether you wish to remove static or dynamic watermarks, the robust watermark remover will remove any unwanted object from your video. It is best to remove watermark from video without blur.


One-time Purchase & Free Lifetime Updates

The best part of this software is that it is not subscription-based, you don't have to keep paying to reap its benefits. Keeping the convenience of its users in mind, Pixbim AI-based watermark remover app allows you to just pay once and get all the exciting features and updates for a lifetime.

Safeguards Your Privacy & Preserves the Data

As a desktop-based program, Pixbim does not store video data of the end-users on its servers because all the processing happens on your computer. Since everything is done on your own system, all the files from importing into the software till saving the video are stored on your end, protecting your privacy at all costs. It is better than removing watermark from video online.


Below screenshot shows the output video path and file name

remove watermark from video software


Free Download Video Watermark Remover AI



The current version is 1.0.2, if you face any download problems then please click "QUICK HELP" in the menu bar at the top of this page

Updates in version 1.0.2 -

  • Sample test videos added
  • Fixed bugs
  • Default settings changed (Processing speed slider set to zero for better accuracy and half CPU cores enabled by default to speed up processing)


You might be curious about how to use desktop software to remove the watermark from a clip. Pixbim is the best video watermark remover that offers a user-friendly interface that functions well while maintaining the quality of the video. This software to remove watermarks from a video can be incredibly helpful if you want to remove watermarks, logos, border texts, and even subtitles. Moreover, it is ideal for beginners without prior knowledge of video editing.


Many of them claim to remove watermarks for free. But most of them are ineffective as they crop video to remove the watermark or blurs the watermark or logo. Pixbim provides you with the easiest and the best solution!


How do I Remove Watermarks from Videos for Free?

Pixbim offers you to use the software to remove watermark from video for free in trial version for 7 days while having access to all of its features. You can process unlimited videos in this time frame and decide whether this software should be your work partner or not.

After that, you can simply purchase the software for a lifetime with no monthly or yearly subscription. The next to-be-made updates will also be free of cost, meaning updated technology and quality work with no worries of emptying your bank every time you need to use the software.


Below screenshot shows watermark frame on the left side and watermark removed frame on the right side

best free watermark remover from video


The user-friendly watermark-free video software with advanced technology has the ability to import different file formats, including MP4, MOV, WMV and others.

Pixbim helps remove watermark from video app, it provides the ability to remove watermark from video. The end result is watermark-free with high quality without blur.


Free Download Video Watermark Remover AI



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