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How To Remove Date Stamp From A Photo?

The Screenshot below shows before and after photos in Pixbim Object Remover AI with timestamp removed

Before and after photos in Pixbim Object Remover AI with timestamp removed

Even though the date stamp is superfluous, it may be plain annoying when trying to include a photograph in a document. As a result, many of us have learned how to change our camera's default settings so that they no longer contain a date stamp when they take pictures. However, even if the images have already been branded and watermarked, you may still feel guilty about removing them.

Your photographs should be free of time and date markings if you want them to seem professional. As a result, this is a time-consuming and expensive process that is also quite difficult. Don't worry, we have your back. You will learn how to remove the date stamp from an image by using the simple application "Pixbim" in this blog article.

A short Introduction to Pixbim

With the help of Pixbim Object Remover AI, it is possible to remove objects, watermarks, and other conspicuous components from photographs without affecting their quality. Hence, with the help of this tool, removing a person or item from an image is straightforward.

The Procedure of Removing Date Stamp

Step 1:  Launch and Load the image

Install it from the Official Pixbim website, Load the image in the software by clicking on the “Load Image”, button on the top right corner of the software screen.

Step 2: Click 'Start Removal Process'

After loading the image, the user needs to brush on the date and time stamp in the image which has to be removed, after brushing on the area click ‘Start Removal Process’ to remove the date and time stamp.

Step 3: Save the Image

If you have achieved your goal, save the image. Users can also remove several unwanted objects in the image as well according to their needs.

Below, you can see the original photo featuring a timestamp positioned in the bottom right corner.

Original photo with timestamp

The screenshot below displays the input image loaded into Pixbim Object Remover AI, initiating the process of removing the timestamp.

Input Image loaded to start the process of removing timestamp

The screenshot below displays the output image after successfully removing the timestamp using Pixbim Object Remover AI

Output Image with timestamp removed using Object Remover AI

The screenshot below showcases a comparison of the input and output photos in Pixbim Object Remover AI, demonstrating the successful removal of the timestamp

Before and after photos in Pixbim Object Remover AI with timestamp removed

Some Additional Features of Pixbim

The Pixbim software allows for significant advancement in the restoration of antique photographs. In its tool Object Remover AI, which operates on a laptop or a desktop computer, is the software that recovers old images by using the latest Artificial Intelligence technology used in its software. With a single click, it may correct blemishes, rips, and scrapes. It is a picture restoration program that is quick, simple and ensures beautiful results in a short amount of time.

To restore old images, the quickest and most straightforward method is used since not many of us are proficient in dealing with several layers and intricate image correction tools of Photoshop, nor do we have the necessary time on our hands. Pixbim Object Remover AI is a hidden treasure that makes the restoration of vintage photographs a piece of cake that you can do in as little as 5 minutes.

Why Should We Choose Pixbim?

This tool seems to be legitimate and safe to use, rather than a phishing hoax. Pixbim.com has received a favorable evaluation. It has a user-friendly graphical user interface. Furthermore, it operates via the application of artificial intelligence techniques and deep learning. You have the option of using the 7 days trial version. Here are the links to remove date and time stamp from photo.


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